3DR Site Scan™

The aerial analytics platform
that lets you survey, scan and inspect your work site.

Autodesk Integration

Images are automatically uploaded to Autodesk ReCap to create detailed 2D and 3D models.


Simply outline the area you want to survey with your fingertip and Solo® automatically executes the flight, capturing the images you need to create 2D maps and DEMs. Images are automatically processed to create orthorectified, georeferenced mosaics.


Solo lifts off and circles your site or object of interest, capturing all the imagery that Autodesk ReCapTM needs to generate a photorealistic georeferenced 3D model. Processed imagery is available immediately and is securely saved to your cloud account.


Safely and easily inspect elevated objects like rooftops, towers and power lines. Images are automatically paired with rich metadata. Operators control the vehicle with intuitive “tap-to-fly” gestures, allowing any field service technician access to the sky.

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Site Scan™ Pricing and Packaging

with Autodesk integration

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