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Customer Feedback
"CAD Masters is the best Dealer of Autodesk software I have ever dealt with. If I'm looking for a solution to getting design work done with compatible AutoCAD software or if I just have an inquiry about working with CAD, they are very knowledgeable about all that Autodesk has to offer, and have excellent training courses that have taught me more in a two day period than any 16 week course I have taken. If anyone was interested in maintaining a subscription with Autodesk software, there would be no hesitation in recommending CAD Masters. As the service provider of keeping me up to date with the current software & solutions created by Autodesk, they are on the ball, not just a bunch of pushy sales people, they state the facts, and have the answers to any question I have ever presented them with. They truly are "CAD Masters."

  -Nic Nowak of Greenwood & Moore
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