CAD Masters has been recognized as a valued partner by Autodesk in many ways.  We are an Autodesk GOLD Partner, an Autodesk Government Specialist, an Authorized Training Center, an Autodesk Certification Center, a Civil 3D Implementation Certified Expert, and a member of the Autodesk Developer Network.  CAD Masters received Autodesk’s top award for Customer Loyalty in 2008. 

More importantly, however, is being recognized by our customers as a trusted business partner.  See the links below for more information about how we might partner with you:

CAD Masters specializes in the AEC and GIS marketplaces with a diverse staff of Registered Engineers, CAD and IT experts.  Our programming expertise has allowed us to work closely with the Autodesk Civil 3D development team.  Not only did we assist Autodesk with programming and testing of AutoCAD Civil 3D, we have developed several applications that enhance Autodesk functionality. 

CAD Masters sells, supports and teaches all of the following Autodesk products:
Raster Design, 3ds Max Design, Navisworks
AutoCAD Map 3D, and Infrastructure Map Server
AutoCAD Civil 3D
AutoCAD Architecture and AutoCAD MEP
Revit Architecture, Revit MEP, and Revit Structure

Training and Curriculum
CAD Masters has 2 training centers in Northern California, one in Walnut Creek (SF Bay Area) and one in Sacramento.  Our training centers have large comfortable workstations, state of the art computers, and large format plotters.  We also regularly provide training on-site at our client’s offices.

For most of our training courses, we use course materials we have developed in house during the many years of experience training in our industry.  Because we own them, these materials are easily customized to incorporate specific project data, or a specific company standard or workflow.  The course materials include quick reference cards and workflows for complex processes.  For examples of our materials, or to purchase books on-line:
Books and Training Materials

Technical Support
All of our software and training customers have access to our highly skilled support personnel.  It is our goal to have our staff develop a close working relationship with your staff.  We want to understand the way you do things and tailor our support accordingly.  Through training, we can help you develop your CAD skills, and through support we can help you continue to gain proficiency and become more self sufficient.  For more information about our support services:
Technical Support

The staff at CAD Masters consists of Registered Civil Engineers who are also CAD and IT experts.  Not only do we sell and teach Autodesk software products, we regularly use them for design.  We subcontract design projects from our clients, assist them with their projects in a training environment, and act as prime on many of our own design/build projects. 

Our practical engineering experience includes subdivision and commercial site design, utility design, road design and rehabilitation, large pipelines, landfills, wetlands rehabilitation, structural calcs, and much more.  We are also leaders in sustainable design.  All of our design work is completed using BIM technology and many of our projects are LEED certified.

If you’ve landed the project but don’t have the resources to complete it, we can do it for you.  Our engineers regularly deliver projects on time, under budget, and fully BIM compliant.  We’re also happy to collaborate during the bidding process.

Or, if you’re ready to make the transition to BIM internally, let us help you get your next project off to a great start.  Our engineers can help with project planning and setup in the BIM environments of Autodesk Civil 3D or Revit.  We can provide training for your staff on new technologies and then help to launch your project following training.  We can assist your staff on-site with the design, either continuously as a project manager, on a regular schedule for project support, or as needed when specific issues arise.  Our engineer will be familiar with your project and when not on-site, will be only a phone call away.

Having qualified support, both in the area of engineering design and in BIM technology can be the difference between a successful transition to BIM and a reversal to old habits. 

For more information on our engineering service offerings:
Engineering Support

Data and GIS
Information is everywhere these days but we can’t necessarily get our hands on exactly what we want when we want it.  Much of our information still resides in paper format, and what exists digitally is often in disparate locations at various revision levels and under the control of decentralized silos.  Compiling that data and quantifying results can be a daunting task.  Imagine what we could accomplish with all of that data current and at our fingertips.

All hail the database!  Database technology has revolutionized our ability to store and access data.  But how to get our information into a database?  And how to access it efficiently once it’s there?

CAD Masters staff are experts in the automated conversion and compilation of disparate data sources into a centralized data structure.  We are also experts in the development and customization of graphical interfaces by which to access and manipulate that data.  As engineers, we specialize in data associated with utilities, facilities, and other hard assets, and we’re used to finding that data in paper drawings, AutoCAD drawings, and SHP files.  As programmers, our experience includes extensive development in the areas of FDO and EDD, the primary components of AutoCAD Map 3D and Topobase.  We are experts in both SQL and Oracle, and all of our applications are currently being developed using Microsoft .NET technology to ensure long term compatibility with Autodesk products, Microsoft products, and internet technology.

Our past projects have included the development of custom applications that read information from AutoCAD design drawings, insert and track parts, estimate costs and quantities, and produce required reports, detail drawings, or even data to a saw that cuts lumber.

We’ve automated the conversion of large digital dwg archives into a standard format, extracting and manipulating data as required.  We’ve written applications to build an AutoCAD drawing from scratch from a series of database records, and vice versa.  We’re intimately familiar with the coding of AutoCAD Civil 3D and can easily extract data from Civil 3D or create Civil 3D objects from database information.  And we’re experts in website development should our clients desire to publish their data either internally or externally in web format.

Our most interesting project was the development of an asset design and management solution for City of Palo Alto Utilities, a centralized GIS.  CAD Masters extracted and combined all data for all utilities into a centralized database structure.  Some of this existing data was in paper format, some in MS Excel and Access, some in a library of dwg files and still more in a custom GIS architecture.  The data can now be accessed by engineers for design, field technicians for maintenance, and administrative staff for project billing and service requests.  Autodesk Topobase, with an Oracle backbone, is used to control the rules based design and workflow.  SAP is used to provide parts inventory and extract project cost.  Graphical interfaces have been developed both inside and outside of CAD to allow data input and query by various departments.  And a custom application synchronizes Oracle to SQL for access by a multitude of staff at the City.

CAD Masters’ combined experience in Civil Engineering and database programming enabled us to make this full scale GIS implementation a success.

Standards and Implementation
CAD Masters’ diverse background lends well to the planning, implementation, and support of complex CAD initiatives.  We understand not only the intricate details of hardware, software, civil engineering and architecture, but also the relationships and interactions between them.  We work with clients on all aspects of CAD Management from network and workstation hardware through end user training and project support.  We assist with all aspects of implementation from staff skills analysis through workflow and CAD standardization.  We have solved thousands of technical problems and when a problem could not be solved “off the shelf”, we’ve helped to provide alternatives.  In addition, we work closely with Autodesk to fix these issues in future releases.

Autodesk solution implementation is our specialty.  We understand how Autodesk software works at the most detailed programming level.  We understand how it’s used at a professional engineering level.  We appreciate Autodesk technology for what it can accomplish in terms of increased efficiency, better designs and future sustainability because we have moved ourselves and many of our clients through the implementation process and have experienced great success.

CAD Masters can help you with your Autodesk Solution implementation:

  • Plan for hardware and network backbone requirements
  • Develop CAD standards and a plan for document management
  • Develop project workflow and procedures, QA/QC
  • Recommend and provide software and maintenance
  • Deploy, configure and customize software applications
  • Staff skills analysis for hiring or for training placement
  • Develop and customize curriculum
  • Provide comprehensive software training
  • Provide project management, engineering and consulting
  • Provide on-going project support
  • Provide software update training and technical phone support
  • Provide administrative support (asset management and license files)

CAD Masters highly recommends CAD Masters’ CAD Standards Manager as part of any Autodesk implementation initiative.  This software automates the implementation of CAD standards within any AutoCAD platform, and robust new features help with the management of Civil 3D styles.  For more information on the specifics of this product, please visit our website at

CAD Masters is ready to help you tackle new technology.  We can help you develop and implement a plan for CAD standardization and comprehensive training.  We can help you launch a pilot project and provide on-going project support. 



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