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Developing Custom Drainage Parts for InfraWorks & Civil 3D - [Event Date:1/17/2018]
Escape Your Project Inefficiency Traps - [Event Date:2/1/2018]
Autodesk Design Night - Imaginary Worlds [Event Date:2/1/2018]
Developing Custom Drainage Parts for InfraWorks & Civil 3D -

Join Charlie Ogden as we continue the topic that we started in the webcast from last October entitled “Drainage structure catalogs created with Infrastructure Parts Editor” – but take a deeper dive into the modeling workflows using the Infrastructure Part Shape Modeler tools for Inventor.

• Modeling underground and surface structures in Inventor
• Defining Assembly Connectors & Reference Points
• Required parameters for use in Infrastructure Parts Editor

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Escape Your Project Inefficiency Traps -

Discover the project workflows that solve your inefficiency problems.

Join Autodesk technical experts as they explore the inefficiency traps that are derailing your AEC projects and harming your profit margins. How can you break free from these traps? Discover the workflows that will free up your time from manual admin, rework and loss of data, and will allow you to focus on delighting your clients and winning more work instead.

Learn More:

  • The most common inefficiency traps afflicting Building and Civil Infrastructure projects
  • Workflow demos: how to solve some of the most common issues
  • Next steps - all the resources you need to test out the solutions for yourself

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Autodesk Design Night - Imaginary Worlds

Design Night

How technology is transforming the art of visual effects.

In entertainment, the lines between the physical and digital worlds are increasingly blurring, thanks to today’s production technology. From robot-controlled cameras to performance and reality capture, these sophisticated tools are helping create computer-generated imagery that, when coupled with live-action shots, transports audiences to fantastical places that often feel real. Join us as we explore how industry leaders are producing the next generation of digital storytelling.

Hear from Kevin Baillie, co-founder and VFX Supervisor at Atomic Fiction, who’ll share a behind-the-scenes look into the visual effects of Stranger Things

Make character masks

Soundtrack by DJ Chad Bays

And much more!

Eat! Drink! Make! Learn!


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