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"They do very well now and we just would like them to stay as reliable as they are now."

  -Sasha Khalameyzer of Geosyntec Consultants

"In my years of working with CAD professionals, I have never had a greater experience than I have had with CAD Masters. I highly recommend them and will go out of my way to maintain a business relationship with them; even if their cost is higher. I believe quality beats quantity and their service has been above and beyond the call fo duty."

  -Michael Berry of American Mechanical Services, Inc.

"Rita Self and CadMasters are top notch!"

  -Western Allied Mechanical

"This organization is truly worthy of its name."

  -Forrest Reed, Port of Oakland Engineering

"We appreciate your professional and technical abilities and that is the reason we continue with Cadmasters as our Autodesk support."

  -Scott Blackman of Rolls Anderson & Rolls

"The class I took in the Sacramento office for Revit Arch 2012 was amazing. Brian taught the class very well and provided info far beyond what I was expecting. By far my best experience with Autodesk training!"

  -Josiah J. Zamora of KMM Services, Inc.

"I am very pleased with the support I get from CAD Masters, Inc. They are most professional and a pleasure to work with. I plan on continuing my relationship with them."


"They provide excellent service. From Rita, John, Dwayne and the rest of the team, they are the best partners we have in our business!!!"

  -Duane R Steele CADD Manager Senior Designer ATI Architects and Engineers Danville, CA

"My reseller is the best. Aways available to help with any questions. Great at helping to create solutions for our demanding needs. Training has always be top notch. Update classes are fun and full of information. Instructors know the software and their discipline. When we need new software or upgrades, the turn around time is within hours, not days. CAD Masters team of Rita, Dwayne, John and all of the technical staff cannot be beat in attitude, proformance and the overall satisfaction that our offices and staff have with our reseller. We will be faithful to our wonderful partners at CAD Masters!!!"

  -Duane R Steele CADD Manager Senior Designer ATI Architects and Engineers Danville, CA

"They have been fantastic to work with. I have purchase Autcad LT, Autocad Architectural & Revit. Their training has also been great"

  -Paul Hills of Hills Construction Inc.

"Brian, Drew,

I have to tell you, I am quite enjoying Civil 3D, due in no small part to your expertise. Feel free to use this as a testimonial. I am glad I went to CAD Masters and highly recommend you to others.


  -Dan Shepherd of Star Consultants, Inc.

"It is pretty hard to recommend any changes at Cadmasters. They have the best technical backup that I have ever experienced. They know what they are doing technically and over the years have been extremely helpful in my purchases. They are, without a doubt, the best vendor I have dealt with over the past 45 years in the profession."


"I don't think there is anything that (CAD Masters) does not do well. They know their product and provide services par none."

  -Anthony Crews, Crews Engineering

"Great job! Very helpful with all our needs and concerns. Always available when we called."

  -Theresa Andrews, IN-TERIORS

"CAD Masters is fantastic! Nothing more to say."

  -Brian Pometta, Samonsky & Pometta Architects, LLC

"(CAD Masters) is always responsive and supportive, helpful in resolving issues with our big company."

  -Ingrid La Mar, Kaiser Foundation

"I have very much appreciated the tech support received from CAD Masters. I could spend half a day trying to figure something out and fail, or I can call CAD Masters. I don't have a subscription and so pay for tech support and happy to do so."


"Wanted to thank you for you exceptional service and help the last few days assisting me with InfraWorks issues. Your ideas, solutions, and help were invaluable and helped me accomplish what I needed to. As well as help us understand this new technology.

Thank you, it really was helpful.

  -Ron Ricks of Parametrix

"Have I told you lately that I just love your staff (Drew, Kyle, Matt, Neil...)? They are all extremely capable, intelligent, and responsive! In addition, they understand our business so well, I don't have to explain much on anything, they know what we need. Thank goodness for CMI!"

  -Silvia Lee Santos, P.E. Sr. Project Engineer of City of Palo Alto Utilities Engineering Department

"CAD Masters gives excellent CAD support and training."

  -Doug Matchell of Kennedy Jenks Consultants

"They are consumate professionals; wouldn't change a thing."


"Give Rita a raise, a Great sales person. She makes one feel like we are all family at CAD Masters."


"CAD Masters technical support offered through the paid subscription is great."

  -Cynthia Fulp

"I would like to thank the staff there at Cadmasters, and especially Sean. I found the class to be very helpful, applicable, and above expectation. The time was well spent."

  -Robert Lloyd Nielsen of American Mapping, Inc.

"We are not in a position to purchase new software at this time but when we do, we will only purchase from CAD Masters as they are the re-seller we trust."

  -Michael Berry of American Mechanical Services

"We have a fairly long history of working with CAD Masters and have always been very happy with them. They are extremely accomodating and knowledgable and easy to work with. We expect to continue to work with them well in to the future."

  -Jim Moran of Moran Engineering, Inc.

"John @ CAD Masters is very helpful and always goes the extra step!"

  -Verde Design, Inc.

"Thanks for the training classes, they were very informative. I think the class shows how complicated the Civil 3D program is. While I think someone could learn to operate Civil 3d on there own, I do not believe it can effectively operated with out proper training. Kyle was very professional and knowledgeable on the subject. He left us feeling like we were ready to go to work. Again thanks for the great training we received."

  -Dave McClung of Kennedy/Jenks Consultants

"The tech support Neil and Sean have provided has been above excellent!"

  -Melissa Allison of O.C. McDONALD CO., INC.

"I just wanted to drop you a note and tell you how wonderful your employees are... It is such a pleasure to do business with such professional, prompt and efficient staff."

  -Diane of Mesiti-Miller Engineering, Inc.

"I am glad to take any opportunity to praise the people at CAD Masters. We have been working with them for many years. They always provide outstanding product and sales support to us. They usually identify my needs before I do."

  -David of Nolte & Associates

"I have been working with CAD Masters for the last 10 years and have had tremendous support from their organization. Everyone I talk to at CAD Masters is of the utmost integrity and professionalism. There is no way, considering all the aspects of AutoCAD that I could my job without CAD Masters involved in helping me with all the twist and turns of AutoCAD. Thank you."

  -Doug Matchell of Kennedy Jenks Consultants

"CAD Masters is the only Autodesk reseller that Bank of the West has been working with last 10 years. Cad Masters meets 100% our CAD needs/expectations."

  -Dave Iliev of Bank of the West

"This message is to let you know of how much I appreciated the help I received from Brian. He was very professional and so very helpful...He is a valuable member of your team."

  -Tom Panks of Designer Drafting

"Drew and Mike, thank you for the great set-up of our network. The employees love working on CAD now. I appreciate your follow through, Drew, and wanted to say 'thank you' for your professional approach."

  -Alison of John Nicol & Associates

"CAD Masters is the best Dealer of Autodesk software I have ever dealt with. If I'm looking for a solution to getting design work done with compatible AutoCAD software or if I just have an inquiry about working with CAD, they are very knowledgeable about all that Autodesk has to offer, and have excellent training courses that have taught me more in a two day period than any 16 week course I have taken. If anyone was interested in maintaining a subscription with Autodesk software, there would be no hesitation in recommending CAD Masters. As the service provider of keeping me up to date with the current software & solutions created by Autodesk, they are on the ball, not just a bunch of pushy sales people, they state the facts, and have the answers to any question I have ever presented them with. They truly are "CAD Masters."

  -Nic Nowak of Greenwood & Moore

"I want you to know that I consider Neil an asset to your company... The last two days he has gone above and beyond and I really appreciate it. It's service like this that keeps our company coming back."

  -Deana Richter of Mother Lode Engineering

"Thanks. Kudos to Sean."

  -Clark Stoner of Stoner Engineering

"I just wanted to heap a ton of praise on Neil for his work on the Distribution Map. I cannot recall working with a more thorough, detail-oriented person... That is value add that, I think, goes well beyond what a typical vendor would provide."

  -Stephen Brockwell of Brockwell IT Consulting

"It's our pleasure. You guys are the best CAD support there is."

  -Joel, County of Santa Cruz, Dept of Public Works

"I just wanted to take a moment to thank you again for your help last week with our CAD update/training. You were very helpful, and your flexibility in the training program was greatly appreciated. We are all excited about the new features and commands that we learned..."

  -Chris Boqua, Assoc. AIA - Senior Associate & Project Manager of International Design Group

"I work for the County of Sacramento, (Municipal Services Agency) and in the last several months we have embarked on a mission to consolidate all of our AutoCad licenses as a cost saving measure across MSA. We appreciate John's quick response and attention to detail and always willing to go the extra mile when we had a question or concern. John has worked hard in helping our folks with the set-up of license files for our servers, coordinating training for MSA personnel, suggestions for cost saving measures and implementation of Cad Standard Manager software. John has been with us every step of the way, and has made our transition extremely smooth. He's worked hand 'n' hand with Jonathan Hurst from DLT to ensure that the consolidation went off without a hitch. Just thought you should know what a great job John has done for us. Again we appreciate the great customer service."

  -Dave Mitchell of County of Sacramento - Municipal Services Agency

"I just want to take this opportunity to let you know that Mr. Brian Lee did an outstanding job for us during the REVIT MEP training held in our Irvine office. Brian was extremely receptive to any questions and did a good job answering them. He was also willing to divert from his original lesson plan to help us answer these questions. Some of his strong attributes are:
  • Knowledge of the software
  • Patience
  • Willing to adapt to change

I feel Brian is an asset to your organization and we would definitely utilize Brian and, or CAD Masters in future training.

  -Gerardo (Jerry) Aguilera of Brown and Caldwell

"No change needed as they are on top of their game!"

  -Duane R Steele CADD Manager Senior Designer ATI Architects and Engineers Danville, CA

"I honestly can't think of any (changes that are needed) - they are doing an excellent job."

  -DARCEY DONOVAN of ECO Engineering

"I really don't deal with them enough to be able to make any suggestions. I am very happy with my experience that I have had with them though."


"CAD Masters gives excellent CAD support and training."

  -Doug Matchell of Kennedy Jenks Consultants

"Brian did an excellent job. He was able to answer all our questions (and there were a lot of questions) without getting distracted and he kept the class on tract covering all objectives. Brian's efforts were greatly appreciated."

  -Karl Christman of Brown and Caldwell

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