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Project Summary

An employee owned company, Parametrix (http://www.parametrix.com), since 1969 has been engineering water projects in addition to many other award winning projects.  This particular project needed to be designed to the most accurate standards for a design/build scenario.  The project requires the use of BIM technology, and in this case AutoCAD MEP was chosen in order to leverage the existing AutoCAD skills of the employees.  CAD Masters, Inc., Parametrix’ reseller and support partner, assisted with the project and contributed to it’s success.

Project Description

The City of Orting (Oregon) North End Reservoir and Booster Station Project addresses storage and fire flow issues identified in the 2009 Water System Plan Update. The project includes construction of the following new facilities:

  • 1,000,000-gallon reservoir .
  • Booster station
  • Pumping system for Well No. 4
  • Iron/manganese filter for treatment of Well No. 4 discharge flows

The Challenge

The employees at Parametrix had good AutoCAD skills, however, their AutoCAD MEP (BIM) skill level needed improvement.  CAD Masters provided training to the Parametrix staff on the use of AutoCAD MEP and AutoCAD Architecture for BIM.  After training, CAD Masters, Inc. continued to support Parametrix during the project, specifically:

  • 3D modeling for creating custom parts for 3-dimensional content.
  • Project Navigator, for project management and sheet creation.
  • Creating a custom catalog of parts needed to finish the project.  Many out-of-the-box parts were used, however some custom parts were required.
  • Custom Wall/Door/Roof styles to render the building properly.
  • AutoCAD material creation to apply the correct looks to the parts to create a realistic.


Training was an essential part of the solution, along with continued on-line support for the project’s duration.  With offices in remote locations, on-line meeting technology proved to be an effective mechanism to stay in close contact and provide detailed project support.  The close working relationship between Parametrix and CAD Masters for the duration of the project lifecycle ensured that this initial deployment of BIM was successful.

The Result

By using AutoCAD MEP (BIM), Parametrix was able to design their solution while predicting possible problems.  By creating the design fully in 3D, Parametrix was able to leverage their model to detect  possible interferences and ensure design feasibility.  The level of success of project can be clearly seen in the comparison of the before-built design renderings vs. the as-built real-life pictures of the completed project.


" Here are some renderings of our MEP design vs. actual construction of a pump station in Orting Washington, all done in AutoCAD MEP and a lot of Matt Sparks!!!
Thanks to CAD Masters for all of your continuous support; we could not have completed this project without you. "

-Cliff West, Parametrix Project Manager

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